Product Details

1 Implementation standard: the implementation is based on the RR C-271D standard of the United States.

2 Material: high quality carbon bonded steel (45#) for shackle body, high quality alloy steel (40Cr) for pin

3 Processing mode: hot forging processing.

4 Scope of application: widely used in port, Marine engineering, lifting machinery equipment, mining, machinery, construction and other industries, can connect wire rope and object loading and unloading.

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Product Information

American Standard high strength die forging shackles are classified as bow G-209, G-2130 with nuts, straight G0210, G-2150 with nuts, depending on their appearance.

Mechanical property

Load-bearing capacity G-209/G-210 from 0.5T to 85T,G-2130/G-2150 from 0.5T to 150T.

The maximum test load after tempering treatment is twice the limit of the working load, and the breaking load is 6 times the working load.

After adjusting the top treatment, it can reach the impact resistance of 42 joules at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Instructions for use

The normal service Angle should be perpendicular to the shackle post

The Angle shall not exceed 120 degrees (including 120 degrees) and only shackles with safety nuts shall be used and the tension on both sides shall be equal

The weight of the object must be less than the rated load of the shackle and should be avoided as far as possible

Use tension edge

Under the premise of normal service Angle, the safe lifting load shackle in the static state is 70% of the rated load tension, and the safe lifting load in the non-static state is 50% of the shackle load tension

When multiple lifting points are used to lift a single object, in addition to following the normal use Angle, it is also necessary to use the balance bar and the shackle must be perpendicular to the balance bar and the wire rope to ensure the safety of lifting. In this case, the safe lifting load in the static state is 60% of the rated load tension of the shackle. The safe lifting load in non-stationary state is 40% of the rated load of shackle.

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