Product Details

According to their appearance, American standard die forged flower orchids are divided into fork/fork type, fork/ring type, ring/ring type, ring/hook type, and hook/hook type. The fork pin is divided into hexagonal safety posts equipped with nuts and split pins, and flat head pins and split pins. It is also divided into two types, with and without left and right lock nuts.

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Product Information

Executive standard: According to the FF-T-791b standard of the United States

Material: high-quality carbon bonded steel (45 #)

Processing method: Made by hot forging.

Scope of application: Widely applicable to the connection and fixation of lifting machinery and equipment in industries such as binding and fixing containers and marine engineering, electric power, and metallurgy

Mechanical properties

5.1) Bearing capacity fork/fork, fork/ring, ring/ring 0.22T to 34T, ring/hook, hook/hook 0.22T to 3.4T

5.2) The maximum test load is 1.2 times the working load limit, and the breaking load is 5 times the working load

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